Schedule Updated 10/25

Petite, Young, Mostly College Girls
Pleasant personalities, drop dead gorgeous looks.

Please arrive with NO symptoms of sickness of any kind. Girls will turn you away if you have them.


Adrianna - 5'3", Salvadorian, Full of Energy, A Favorite
- Friday ONLY
350, 250
(646) 657-7590

Adrianna is an athlete and has all the energy that comes along with that. She's flexible and has stamina. With her D cup top, she'll bring enthusiam and athletic stamina to your shoot. She's bounding with energy. Not one of those boring girls that just sits there.

Sophia - 5'2", White, Beautiful Emerald Green Eyes, D Cup
- Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
350, 250
(646) 657-7590

Sophia is an absolutely gorgeous addition to the lineup. She's fun, pretty and brings a great energy and personality to any photoshoot. Already performing at Desires level, she's sure to be sold out quickly. Reach out early. Her free time goes quickly.

Katy - Gorgeous Model Looks, Latina Girl Next Door Vibe. 5'4"
- Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
350, 250
(646) 657-7590

Katy has the elegance of a model mixed with the approachable charm of a girl next door. She's from Columbia so she has that almost European sophistication. She'll bring warmth and fun to your shoot. Not here for long, hurry to see her while you can! Providing the full Desires production experience. Your elegant Latina awaits! Don't delay.

Jade - Actual Beauty Queen, 5'2", Incredible Legs, Great Personality
- Wednsday and Friday ONLY
400, 300
(646) 657-7590

Guys, hold onto your seats because we have an actual, accredited beauty queen here. Tiara, flowers and the title. We won't be telling you exactly what state she is Miss (insert state name) of however, to preserve her privacy. She's has a friendly, warm demeanor and plenty to talk about as she's doing post graduate work. She's nice, kind and good at heart. Vietnamese. A model your next photoshoot absolutely can't do without! Amazing feedback and reviews. Don't wait.

Hannah- 5'2", 19, 100lbs, White + Asian, 25" waist
- Thursday ONLY
350, 250
(646) 657-7590

This is a brand new pic. WOW! Hannah is a petite white and asian mix. She's tiny and only 19. However, she's also an extremely bright girl if you can find time to have a conversation. Probably knows more than you do about mathematics and computer science. lol I'm not joking. A very, very rare find available for a limited time on school break. Run... don't walk! She will light up your media project with a submissive smile.

Selene - Beautiful Hispanic Singer, Very Talented, Bright Green Eyes Too!
- Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY
350, 250
(646) 657-7590

Selene is sure to captivate you with her looks and her talent. She's great at everything she does. Aside from everything you can see here in these pics, she has the most bright green emerald eyes. Very rare for someone with a Hispanic heritage. Just amazing. The perfect addition to any modeling project. Hurry to see her!